What Should You Expect on Your First Visit With Us?

Your first visit to our office will begin, with ever body's favorite pastime, Paperwork!  At Progressive Healthcare of Gwinnett, we understand that your time is valuable. We will try to keep it to a minimum, as we understand no one enjoys filling out paperwork, however, a lot of the information regarding your condition and history helps us figure out what we can do to best serve you. In order to make your new patient experience as easy as possible, we've made most of our new patient intake forms available to download and complete before your initial appointment. It is available on this website :)

After your paperwork is complete, you will be escorted to our comfortable, private, examination room, where Dr. Neda Nore, DC,  will sit down with you and do a thorough case history and consultation. You will be given as much time as you need to explain your concerns in detail, so that we have a genuine understanding of your symptoms, goals,  and needs.  Once the consultation is complete, we will determine, if, based upon your condition, Chiropractic care is appropriate for you.  If it is appropriate, and we feel we are able to help you, we will let you know exactly what the next step would be, how your insurance works (if you have insurance), and what your out of pocket cost would be (for insured and non-insured patients.)  If you deem the charges fair, and wish to proceed, we will move on to the next step, which is the examination, and X-rays if necessary. If for any reason, you are unable to afford the charges, we are always willing to help you, by not requiring payment up front. You can work out a payment plan if need be. If you are completely unable to afford care, you can leave the office at this point, having accepted our free consultation, and not spent a penny. 

During your examination, we will palpate (touch), your areas of concern, to look for muscle spasm, tight taught fibers, swelling, edema, etc.  We will also check your range of motion, posture, and run several orthopedic and neurological tests if necessary. At that point, if it is necessary, X-rays will be taken.  Exposure to X-rays contain radiation, so our doctors only take films when the benefit is greater then the risk.  X-rays are very important, because when you are dealing with something as significant as the spine, and nerve system, it's not appropriate to guess what is going on inside! We want to see it, with our own eyes, so we can give you the most accurate diagnosis. Proper analysis of consultation findings, examination findings, and X-rays properly, takes time. But it is our promise to you, that we will analyze your findings, and be ready to start treatment, by the next business day. It is very important to take a day to thoroughly investigate the X-rays. Although all patients want treatment as soon as possible, we have found that proper analysis is paramount, for the fastest, and best recovery possible. As such, please allow our doctor one day to analyze your findings. You will be happy you did, when you achieve the results that you were hoping for.  These only come with proper assessment of your condition. If you just want to be thrown on a table and "cracked," this is not the right office for you. We are all about quality care. 

When you leave the office, Dr. Neda Nore, DC, will review your consultation findings, examination findings, and X-Ray findings, and she will come up with the most appropriate care plan, to provide the best solution to your problem. When you come back the next day, we will give you a free report of our findings, where we will explain your examination findings.  We will also show you your X-rays, and point out any particular problems we see in them.  We will then review your care plan, cost, insurance benefits, or cash discount of you do not have insurance (Many of our patients do not, so we keep our self-pay prices very reasonable.)  At that point, so long as you are completely comfortable with all aspects of care, you will get your first treatment. Once again, if for any reason, you do not want care, you can leave office, and you will not be charged a penny, for this informative report. 

We look forward to helping you, and are excited that you are taking a vital step, to becoming a healthier person. See you soon :)

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